HELP: Vobbing large mpg files

Ok, very long story short. I’ve got some large mpg’s that I can’t get to vob/dvd file structure. WinAVI, my encoder of choice, hoses out on big files (although it’ll make em…weird). VSO DivxtoDVD hosed, as well.

  1. Anyone know a program that can handle it?
  2. I could use TMPGenc author to do the job since it write dvd file structure, but i still need a program that will make DVD compliant mpg’s (29.97fps, dimensions, etc.) out of huge non-dvd compliant mpgs.

My files are actually 29.97fps, BUT, TMPGEnc says “no go” because they are 640x480!!!

BTW, I am defragging all my drives as one of my big files was quite fragmented (7k+ fragments). I’ll post if that fixes it!

I’ll be on tonight so please post!