HELP: Vobbing large mpg files

Ok, very long story short. I’ve got some large mpg’s that I can’t get to vob/dvd file structure. WinAVI, my encoder of choice, hoses out on big files (although it’ll make em…weird). VSO DivxtoDVD hosed, as well.

  1. Anyone know a program that can handle it?
  2. I could use TMPGenc author to do the job since it write dvd file structure, but i still need a program that will make DVD compliant mpg’s (29.97fps, dimensions, etc.) out of huge non-dvd compliant mpgs.

My files are actually 29.97fps, BUT, TMPGEnc says “no go” because they are 640x480!!!

BTW, I am defragging all my drives as one of my big files was quite fragmented (7k+ fragments). I’ll post if that fixes it!

I’ll be on tonight so please post!


Dont see why you have posted this question so many times. But anyway.

The easyest option for you would be to use NeroVision Express or DVDSanta, as they will allmost certainly be able to make a working NTSC DVD from these video files.


Ben :slight_smile: