Help! Verbatim Dual Layer DVD+R

I have brought some verb dual layer discs and have burned 3 of them using nero @ 2.4 X. I have realised that the dye looks funny and has curly lines caused by the color of the dye. They work perfectly and i have had no problems with them so far.

Also they are not scratches

I have added a diagram

And, whats the problem then??

This is normal & will happen always with dual layer/ALWAYS USE QUALITY MEDIA, like verbatim

I recommend that you do not use Nero for DL backups.


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I do use IMGBURN and i use taiyo yudens and verbs, thanks for the help guys

TY has no DVD+R DL media.

are these verb duals the same as the verb double layers because some double layers have 2 sides instead of both layers on one side

I have to concur about Nero. Outside of data and music, I don’t use it. Clone DVD and IMG Burn are better apps for most DVD burning applications IMHO.

[QUOTE=chef;1889727]TY has no DVD+R DL media.[/QUOTE]

Tis true :sad: which is a bummer :frowning: