Help Using Virtual Drives + Burning Poweriso Files To Disk

im using poweriso + i have a few poweriso files(mostly films + programs). im trying to burn a poweriso file to disk, ive already tried it but when i put the disk in the pc it works, but when i try to play the dvd in a dvd player it comes up disk unknown… a while ago i was able to put dvd’s(son’s school project + films) into my pc + was able to copy it over to a virtual drive. i could then take the disk out, double click on the virtual drive + was able to watch the dvd without having the actual disk in the pc or copying it to my hard drive… if anyone could help me i would REALL appreciate it… THANK YOU

Are your “poweriso” files (I presume you mean ISO images) created with a UDF 1.02 filesystem? Because if they use an ISO 9660 filesystem instead or some other UDF version, they are not DVD Video compliant and will not work in normal DVD players.

yes, i mean ISO images. can you tell me how i find out if they are created with a UDF 1.02 or ISO 9660 filesystem??? i really want to do this but havent used poweriso before. i have loads of ISO images + cant do nothing with them… THANK YOU

Open the image with PowerISO.
In the File menu choose Image Properties…
Look for the CD/DVD filesystem and see if UDF is checked.

I don’t know if it’s possible to see the UDF version, because I don’t use PowerISO (I use UltraISO instead).

the iso file is in winrar. do i extract it to desktop first or is there another way to open it with poweriso?? also, its in 2 folders(cd1 & cd2) each one has an iso file & a cue file…thanks any help would be appreciated

sorry, that was nero. battlefield2 is only one iso file. i checked the properties + it said joliet, so could i mount it to a virtual drive, then install from there?? thanks

Winrar file I take it this was a download. Just my outlook not accusing here.

no, i copied them to my hard drive & then because they iso files, i chose add to GAMENAME.rar i think, as i thougyt if i did that then i could get it working…but i cant. i do have some that ive downloaded, but am not that bothered about them, as i want to get battlefield2 & civilisation VI… i would really appreciate it if you could tell me how to mount iso file to the virtual drive so that i can play this great game once more… i tried mounting battlefield2 to the virtual drive & it worked. but when i double click the drive it opens a new window with lots of different files? please help. thank you

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