Help using Rosetta Stone

I have a couple language for my rosetta stone (v3), and the first time I opened a language it offered me choices of curriculum, for instance I could choose a standard curriculum or a focus on specific areas like reading or listening, or I could take a placement test… etc. I chose the full year curriculum.
However, when I installed my second language for the first time, it automatically chose the same settings that I had chosen the first time, even though I want to choose a different option (the placement test). I can’t figure out how to switch it.

Does anyone know?

It may differ depending on the version you have, but when I’m at the sign-in screen, I see a button to Launch Rosetta Stone Homeschool. That takes you to the Homeschool Dashboard, where you can assign/edit curriculum for your user account.

I have tried to burn a R.S. image file for German on a CD with Daemon Tools, making sure that I followed the Burn Image feature from the menu. Unfortunately, after burning, the CD seems to be almost empty: only a caption” Desktop” appears in the Cd contents. R.S. works perfectly from mounted images, though. Could it be because I used a RW DVD instead of a CD ?
I am trying to use CD’s because I am working with more than one language. There are 3 or 4 levels for each language. I tried to put them all in one single drive for each language, but it doesn’t work. I don’t want to clog the computer with too many virtual drives because it visually confusing.

Any help?



Don’t mix up CDs with DVDs or it will not work…