Help using Nero Discspeed



Hey guys hopefully someone can help me , first of all when i start the program it says my installation is corrupted please install although theres nothing to install and I downloaded it from the cd2000 site or w/e also im using vista idk if that matters? second once the program comes up it seems fine except I cant do a disk quality test the start stays grayed out? I dont know what im missing what type of disk do I need to use to scan ,are only some drives able to do this ? I think I got a 100 pack of fake mcc-004 's branded by GQ so I wanna scan some,thx

samsung s-183L-


Guessing you want to use your S183L, correct? Here’s the Samsung mini-FAQ that could give you a little assistance with that scanning…


With samsungs, sometimes you have to do a simple registry change to enable scanning. There should be something about it in the samsung faq Albert linked to.