Help - using Nero 7 ultra - burning from AVI to DVD



Hi All

I hope you are all doing well.

I am am very new to this and please pardon my novice question…

In Nero 7 Ultra - when I choose the “Make Your Own DVD-Video” it takes me to the “Nero Vision [Start]” menu and gives me a list of options…

My question is:

Under the “Make a CD…” option, which option do I use???
Video CD, Super Video CD or Mini DVD???

I am going from an AVI file to DVD…

I would appreciate any help please :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, if you are trying to make Video on CD disc try to choose VCD (good) or better SVCD (best) format, otherwise if you are using DVD disc use DVD-Video format for good quality of Video.