Help using Neato onbody labels

Hi everyone,
I am having a nightmare using Neato onbody labels! (on Matt paper - official Neato brand not a replication). I’ve no idea how it works - so far I just peel off the label, try and stick it sticky-side up into the presser, the try and line the CD up onto it, overturn it on the floor and press. The results have been mainly slightly lopsided… I don’t think I’m doing it right.

Any killer advice?


First thing to do is to place the sheet with the label still attached face down on a flat surface. Snag the edge of the label and peel the sheet away from the label.

Place the label face down on the applicator. Then place the CD face down above it. Then simply press it together. The label should be centered.

Final thing is to smooth the label, from the inside out to remove any air bubbles.