Help Using Cover Designer

I am currently trying the demo of Nero 6 and comparing it to Roxio. I have Roxio 3 and 4 installed on 2 of my pc’s, but my new pc has WinXP and isn’t compatible with those versions. It came with basic Roxio Version 5, which I’m not real impressed by.

I think I’ve got recording down, but Cover Designer has me baffled.

With Roxio, I start the label maker and put in an audio CD, it searches the internet and downloads the audio information. I then select one command on the application menu and the audio CD information is placed onto the label. It’s a very simple process.

It seems that Nero’s implementation is much more complicated and limited. That’s why I’m asking for some help.

What I want to do is put in an audio CD and quickly make a label. I’ve tried using fields, but I can’t get the fields to work. I’ve saved the artist/title/track info for a couple discs, but I just can’t get the database and the cover designer to talk to each other.

Additionally, the help file says that if I’ve saved the info in a .cdc file, I can import the data. How the heck to I create a .cdc file with the audo information?

My eyes are tired from reading the manuals, help files, and searching the web. I’m hoping someone here can help me out.