Help using AVI2DVD, no sound?

I recently got a movie from my cousin who is in Iraq fighting and the video is .avi, now I can convert it using vsodivxtodvd but I heard if I use avi2dvd it would be better quality but would take longer

now when I go into avi2dvd and while in avi mode I load my .avi file but there is no audiostream and without that I cant convert it, the file plays fine on my computer but I want to copy to dvd to bring to my friends houses and show them what the American tax payers $'s are going for (which aint much)

and with avi2dvd I guess there is a way to make menus for the movie I want to convert, i’m not sure exactly because I never got that far with it because it gives me the error that there is no audio stream when I try to convert

the only thing I could find out was that I needed a codec and the one they told me was AC3Filter in which I downloaded the file stated and in the program it says I have v0.70b installed on my comp but it still doesnt have sound

am I missing some option I need to do in avi2dvd that I didnt see because I thought all .avi files had the video and sound in one file

I am stumped, any help would be great :slight_smile:


Long time since I used this app but you can start with reading this short guide .
There is more information at

BTW, you’ll get best quality with CCE encoder, quite expensive though.

I found what the problem was

the file name was fine but the folder had a “.” in the name and with that avi2dvd wont find it

took the period out and worked fine took a while though :frowning: