Help using AVI DivX MPEG to DVD Converter & Burner Pro to convert my video

I have been using AVI DivX MPEG to DVD Converter & Burner Pro to convert my video. why does it take so long? is there a program that can convert faster? i have made 2 discs using torrent files and the video quality is rather poor…is this common with torrent files?

Ok three thoughts.

  1. You’re hijacking this thread. (i.e. you’re really off topic)

  2. Admitting to downloading movies from torrents and then burning them to DVD … some people here might assume you’re downloading ILLEGAL torrents. :wink:

  3. You’re using, for lack of a better word, crapware. I haven’t even HEARD of that program, which pretty much means it sucks. Why not drop into the video conversion forum or even the newbie forum and start a thread asking how to convert an AVI to DVD? Or better yet read one of the hundreds that are already in there?

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As Gurm mentioned, it may be worth trying another conversion tool just in case the one you are using is at fault. See our video conversion guides for some suggestions. However, first just make sure that it is not the video content you have is not of poor quality either, since a video conversion tool cannot improve the quality of poorly encoded or low bitrate video.

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There are plenty of good cheap tools - even free ones - out there. There are also plenty of guides, both here and at Doom9 and Videohelp!