Help using an Ex. NEC3500a...erratic buffers?

I am trying to use a NEC 3500a in an external enclosure with XP. I tried backing up a DVD with DVDecryter and during the burning processes both the buffer and the device buffer kept fluctuating from 100% to 0% and I checked XP Event Viewer and there was a bunch of device memory errors.

I tried both 3 ft. Firewire and USB and it was the same results.

I would not doubt I installed the drive into the enclosures wrong. I never had done it before and the drive was OEM so it came with no instructions. I did a search on how to do the install, but found nothing.

Has anyone ever installed a NEC into an ex. enclosure and if so could they give me some advice?

are you sure you have USB2 installed?
It comes on service pack 1, if not USB1.1 will not be able to send data fast enough and buffer will go up and down.

Thanks for the quick reply, sarahjh69. I just installed SP2 so shouldnt I already have USB2? If not, is there anyway to check to see if I have or not?

Thanks again.

try to copy a burnt 4gig dvd from USB enclosure to hard drive
USB2 should take 15 mins tops
USB1.1 should take hours

you could also open Nero Burning rom, file, prefs, ULTRABUFFER set it to manual 80meg
cos automatic has caused me buffer problems in the past.

Hello, agian. I tried the drive on two seperate PCs and it was the same exact problem. I even lowered the ‘read rate’ to 2X and no go.

I am really at a lose.