Help using 3520A

I bought this drive off of Newegg and I have some questions. I have Nero 6.6 installed and when I tried to burn a CD it was only allowing me to burn at 24X. Why is it not reading it as a 48X burner? Any ideas?

If CD-Media-Description on CD has values like 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 24x, 52x (some haven’t all available speeds in description) Nero offers only 24x.

Nero can only burn CDs at 24X?

IIRC, only one or two media can be burnt at 48X, the rest max at 40X. Check media compatibility on NEC site. Also, you should identify what speed your media is reported.
You might also waste a blank and run Nero CD-DVD Speed test and do the Create Data Disc command and see how it burns.

U should be happy that nero allow u write with only 24x, when u will burn this cd with faster speed this cd will be crap, unreadable, and have a lot of errors