Help Upgrading DW1620***new user



Hi, Im trying to upgrade my DW1620, Im using the B7W9.exe file that I downloaded from the links on the forum, but it gives me this error:

ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16 Current firmware : G7Z9
==> New firmware Version : B7W9

The drive is not allowed to be updated.

Any help?

Thanks in advace


Your drive has the oem fw you will have to use BQ Flasher make sure you understand how to use it,good luck and welcome to the forum.


Thxs, I`ll try reading all the info first…

Edit: I tried reading the post, but it seems there is no instructions :frowning: , anything else before running the EXE, I have it in a folder with the wnaspi32.dll


you have the wnaspi32.dll in the same folder as BQFlasher exe. now you can crossflash your drive. when asked for the Benq 1620 firmware just direct it to where you have it saved. make sure you have no disc in the drive and flash your drive in safemode.


Tried everything above, and flashed using frog wnaspi32 (not nero), cause it didn’t recognized my drive, and I got a Flash command failed, but it still gets flashed, anything I have to worry???


did you flash the drive in Safemode?


Yes, did it in safe mode, weird thing is that it looks like its flashed, dvdrom works, havent try the burner


try to burn a disc and report back.


Well I tried burning a dvd, and it worked, so I guess I don`t have to worry about it…


good you got it working for you. :slight_smile:


Thxs all for ur help, really helped me out…