HELP! Upgraded my firmware and system keeps restarting

I have been trying to backup some of my DVD movies and kept getting disks that would skip on playback, usually towards end of movie, in mutiple players. I have a LiteOn SOHW-812s. I have been using dvd decrypter, dvd shrink, Nero 6 or CloneDVD. Media is Memorex DVD+R 8x and Imation DVD+R 4x. I just recently tried a firmware upgrade(from US0J to US0Q) on the drive. I got the upgrade from this site. I currently have the power to the drive disconnected, because after the flash(which had said was successful) all my computer does is reboots into windows, detect new DVD drive and restarts and continues to do so over and over.

Is the media i am using part of the problem??

I would greatly appreciate any help i could get.

Delete the drive in device manager and let windows detect it again.

i’v tried to remove from device manager, as long as i have the drive plugged in i cannot boot into safemode either, when i try this it also will just keep restarting. When it boots to windows it Finds new hardware, and detects the the SOHW-812S, it then continues to detect another cd rom drive and this is when the system restarts. I do how ever have a LiteOn dvd player, but i have pulled the power to this thinking it may be the problem. But that has proved to be wrong as i still have this problem.

You can try to reflash your drive with mtkflash in DOS. You’ll find more info on mtkflash here.

Just to be shure, disconnect the second drive also from the ide bus and try again.

Does anybody know where else i can get mtkflash, the link posted above does not work. What version should i flash too, i had US0J and was trying to upgrade to US0Q.

It still works and leads you here after a few clicks.
Go back to the version you had before, to have the same conditions that worked.

Edit: use this link incase you do not want do enable scripting for this site

what is the difference in versions of firmware, the reason i was trying an upgrade was because of movies that were skipping while being played back.

Before you look for additional features, you should get your drive working at all again :slight_smile:

Might be a PSU problem. How big is the PSU?

The PSU is 350

I have been trying and trying to get mtkflash from the site above, all i keep getting is Cannot find server

PM me your email address

What all is in your system, drives, etc?

where can i find the origanal version of firmware(US0J)?

I do have an xflash.exe of the US0Q but the links for x-flash x are not working…

Windows XP
Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro 2
512Megs Ram
two 40gig Western Digital Drives
LiteOn DVD SOHD-167T
Onboard Sound
Nvidia GF5200 128MB
AOC 17" LCD Monitor

Try switching the power leads on the two dvds and see if it keeps rebooting.

I need to find a firmware version for my drive. It needs to be a .bin file or an .exe file i can extract a bin from… i have downloaded a few firmwares from this site, but i can’t extract the .bin file from them. I appreciate all the help. I also tried switching the power connecters, but had no luck, system still keeps restarting.

I do how ever have a LiteOn dvd player, but i have pulled the power to this thinking it may be the problem. But that has proved to be wrong as i still have this problem.

just a thought if you unplugged that drive then your dvdr should be set as master…if its set to slave or cable select you will have problems but i dont think it would cause a reboot…
have you gone into bios at boot up and see if bios detects the drive as it should be.

yes bios detects it just fine, both drives as a matter of fact, I have the dvd player as master and the burner as the slave, both are on the secondary IDE.

Why are you forcing two drives at one cable and one without power.You said that win is restarting after recognising second drive your liteon player.So the problem is with player.Are you shure you flashed right drive?
Disconnect player from ide cable and power also and check cable connection with SOHW-812s , also try switching cable ends.
Post what happen…