HELP Upgrade DVDR985



As I am unable to make my own firware upgrade disk, the Quebec distributor made a COPY of the official 6.3 Philips sent him
I placed the CD in one of my 2 DVDR985, I had messages


and since the DVDR is DEAD, if I remove ac plug and plug back I have


ALL the front buttons are totaly dead

If I push PLAY and insert the AC plug the DVDR goes in test and after acouple of minutes it display PASS but again DEAD nothing works

I was able to remove the CD by pushing the small white lever in the under slot.

Can somebody help, How can I return my unit to life?
Where can I order aREAL philips upgrade disk

Francois :a


I had the same proble with mine. I fould that after doing the test and pluuing the plug I was able to get the thing going by holding the power button while applying the power. As far as the upgrade did you follow the exact instructions as to how to make the firmware CD? There are specific guidelines as to how to create the CD. I found that the universal upgrade did not work for me. Had to use the DVDR985_171 file and all went well. I hope this helps…


Where did you find the file DVDR985-171?
The problem to burn CD , I have aHP computer and they use a special system for writing to CD and DVD called HPDLA, it is totaly uncompatible with NERO


Due to Philips’ dynamic URL based website, I can’t actually give a direct link to their firmware update page. However, the following steps should lead you to the page with the firmware for your unit:

[li]Go to (if you live outside of the US, select the country / region you are located from the drop-down list that appears after the page has loaded)
[/li][li]Key in “DVDR985” into the search field and click ‘Search’
[/li][li]On the page of results, click your model and on the page that appears, the firmware update and readme should be listed.
To write these files to CD-R without Nero, unzip the firmware Zip file into a new folder on your desktop. Go into this folder and select all the items (‘Edit’ menu -> ‘Select All’). Right-click on the selection, select ‘Send To’ and click your CD/DVD writer from the list. Click on the balloon that appears saying “You have files waiting to be written to the CD” (or go into ‘My Computer’ and go into your CD/DVD writer drive). Click on ‘Write these files to DC’ from the left column and follow the on-screen steps. If it asks for a title to give the disc, you can either leave it as it is or give it something such as the firmware version. Once the disc is written, follow the steps included in the Readme for the firmware upgrade process in the recorder itself.


Thanks Seán :)…

For others having trouble, an alternative for getting round the problem of Philips website redirection is to visit the Philips filespace directly. For the firmware needed in this thread, the URL for the correct folder would be:

…and the firmware file you need is: (the 6.3 MB one)

Note that it’s possible to access successively higher folders for other firmwares, brochures, and associated Philips products.