Help updating Pioneer DVR 109

I need to put this command line somwhere to update my drives firmware, but how do I get to the part where I need to enter this?

DVRFlash -vf D: R9100009.158 R9100109.158

When I dbl click on DVRFlash, it says at the bottom that I need to run DVRFlash again, from the command prompt, using one of the device(s) listed above as first parameter.

So my first parameter would be D:

Now where do I put this command?

I suggest to read the DVRFlash FAQ/guide/readme before doing anything like flashing…

nm i figured it out

for some reason i had a non executable dvrflash file in my documents and settings and it wasn’t opening the program

i replaced that with the DVRFlash.exe and all is well now

What is a good program to tell me the firmware my drive is currently using?

nm found a good program