Help - unreadable important DVD

I have a unreadable DVD, the DVD player keeps on spinning, it looks like its been erased, missing codecs or ?, the DVD should contain a 3-D echo of a baby, if possible I really would like to save the movie, can I recue this DVD or able to copy the content?

You can try a software called Badcopypro. It is very good at recovering data.

Sounds like a bad burn, are you able to try using anouther DVD burner/reader to try and copy the files back from?

Ben :slight_smile:

try its the best program … to recover data … it should hlp

isobuster isnt really that useful…

program is oK… remember to recovery f… DVD/CD … u need good reader (burner is oK 4 that)

thanks isobuster worked but it saved with extension .tao (didn’t give me any other option) how can I change the extention to .mpg. Windows XP only lets me change the name but not extension. I can watch the movie in Windows Media player but can’t save in any other format except - any file -

I think .tao is an image. Use something like Nero, Alcohol 120% or Cd Mate to burn it back.

If you are not able to change file extension maybe is due to an option of windows.

You can see in this way:
from windows explorer go to the menu Tools/Folder options
then go to tab “view”

from here search the voice “hide extension for know file types”

if this box is checked then you are not able to change file extensions

try to disable this checkbox to see if help



I think TAO is an image type too, it is most likely that changing the extension will not help.

okay could someone walk me through the steps to extract the movie so I can burn it and play on a standalone dvd

??? I guess, If you don’t know what to do with it.

TAO its not only image type u can use whit isobuster (Track At Once), u can simply convert it whit isoburner File >> Open image File and when its read on left side right Clock on CD icon there u will have options to copy ISO / BIN.