Help Unlock Samsung t819 3G

I recently got a Samsung t819 3G that uses the Verizon service as a gift from a friend. Unfortunately I use T Mobile and I am unfamiliar with unlocking phones but can someone give me help or direct me to a website that will help me unlock it for me. Hopefully it won’t cost me anything.

Thanks for looking. :slight_smile:

If you have any Ipod Touch questions or just want to talked about the itouch I’d be happy to talk to you.

heres a site that might help


Unlocking phones remotely from anything other than the network operator cannot be recommended. Mobile phone forums abound with stories of money paid and unlock codes that don’t work.

In the UK there are lots of small shops or market stalls that you can take the phone to for unlocking using a cable connection and laptop. Since you are there to see it happen: if it doesn’t work then you don’t pay. Cost is usually between £5 and £10.

Getting it done for free depends on how nice your network operator is. You could always try Verizon and ask nicely… :wink: