Help Understanding ND-2510A Firmware

Help! I have been reading through the “freaks” site trying to get to grips with Firmware (what it is, what it does, do I need it, should I install it, which one).

But I have finally had to admit I need expert advice on what to do.

I am running XP Pro with AMD Athlon 2400+, 1.99 GHz, 512MB DDR Ram with an NEC2510A burner.

I have been using The DVD Guides for Shrink and Nero, of which I am using Nero 6 Ultra and Shrink 3.1.

Top marks for the guides. Although I haven’t got to grips with them in thier entirety I have at least succesfuly backed up some films.

Could someone give a starter a starter. Much appreiciated if they could.

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