Help TY02 stuck at 8X!

Can someone please offer any advice why I can’t get this media to burn over 8X. The provided scans were QSuite v1.0 verified for 16X recording and set to record at 16X with WOPC disabled. I get the same results recording with Nero Also, see attached Nero Info file for system settings.

Reflash with U9 or V9, reboot, and try with original firmware first (enable WOPC). Good luck.

Does your computer system have enough power to burn at a higher speed? I have an older system (PIII 1 GHz processor) and I cannot burn at over 8X because my CPU use goes to 100% and my system can’t handle it. This is normal for my system. Do you have the same problem?

System should have enought juice:

ABIT NF7-S v2.0
PDP PC3200LLK 512mbx2 (240MHz 2.5-3-3-11 @ 2.8v)
2400 XP-M @ 2640 MHz (240MHz x 11.0)

I have noticed with both U and V firmware that the wopc is more aggressive when it first tests the disks, so sometimes it only does 8x when it claims it can do faster. If it really is a problem for you go back to T I think, it wasn’t as picky.
The burn quality with V is very good even when it slows down the burn though, U wasn’t as good on my drive.

Well it must have been the media, even thought QSuite didn’t object to 16X burns. Quality score on this burn wasn’t the best but at least I proved to myself that I can burn faster than 8X.