Help!turned dvd into master slave and now xp won't load

Hello!i have a laptop and my dvd burner is a sony q58a,but i’'ve been having trouble with it ever since i´ve updated it’s firmware.
i didn’t knew i had to backup it´s firmware :doh: so i started to look for it´s original firmware. i found it. because it was a bin. i downloaded the LtnFW.Tried to use it but it didn´t work, the firmware did not install. Started to read your forum´s and found that there were people with the same problem. i read a thread were someone advised another member to use a program called: ide location i downloaded it started to play with it and because of that mystake i have turned my dvd burner into the master slave. :o
The problem is i had to reboot my laptop but now it won´t recognize the harddrive and it won´t load windows!!!Can someone help me repair my stupid mistake? is it fixable?

Do you understand how firmware on slimline type drives work?
Why would you use an ide location changer when you just want to flash with the “original firmware”??

You can try to boot from an external device, e.g.:

  • usb flash drive
  • usb hdd enclosure + hdd
  • usb cd/dvd drive + bootable cdrom disc
    also, you may need to set the boot priority in the bios.

By the way, this query is more appropriate in the hardware forum.

Ok I understand. But what do i put in the flash drive?
i don´t have an external hdd or cdrom so the flash drive is my only chance

You need to make the stick bootable. :slight_smile:
Some Linuxes and even BartPE (Windows) can be made to boot on a 1 GB or 2 GB flash drive.