HELP! Trying to put 2-3 movies [telesync SVCD's] on a DVD with menus!

Ok heres the deal…

What i want to do is take 2-3 movies and there “telesync [SVCD]” (each movie has 2 cd’s in cue/bin format and i know how to use isobuster to extract the MPEG2 files) then i want to be able to put the seperate movies on a dvd with a menu to choose between the 2-3 movies. Simple. Im looking for something that will convert the video and audio to DVD compliant standards so theres not alot of guess work.

Basically i just got a DVD burner last week and decided i would try to put my movies on dvd rather then keep putting them on multiple CD-R’s. I have tried DVDlabs, NeroVision express, Ulead DVD factory, and TMPGEnc. As far as im concerned (for someone who knows JACK about making DVD compliant movies) i found these programs absolutely confusing at times if not merely impossible to figure out.

Is there some program out there that can “do it all” or even do “most” of it? Id really like some of the guess work taken out as to when i need to convert the video to PAL ot NTSC, or convert the video size from “blah blah” to “blah blah”. For someone whos brand new to dvd making, there must be an easier way to figure this out, either program wise or Noob-guide wise.

Anyway it seems im going on and on here, but i had just purchased 10 DVD+R.s at local comp shop for $23 ( i know i can get them cheaper on-line this was just for a small test) and i have burned unsuccesfully 7 of them using those previously mentioned programs, 3 left . Maybe i should just stick to CD-R’s, they never had any problems recording cue/bins

Quite easy my good chum, i myself have put three movies onto one dvd with my own menus. Though it did require alot of googling for obtaining files and programs along with info and message boards, i will try to help ^_^. First off you cannot fit all 3 dvds onto one because from stock they take up too much space. So youre going to need to get DVD Shrink to extract the files, but for a 4.7GB DVD, each movie must not exceed 1.5GB or somewhere around there. Use google to find out how to use shrink. is helpful.

Step 1) Get TMPGEnc DVD Author: You CAN pay for it, but there is a trial if youre only going to do this once, it took me 2 days of experimenting with it to figure out everything, once again use google. All this does is take the saved dvd files on your hard drive extracted from the dvd through dvd shrink and add menus creating new files. Basically just a copy of the old files with menus.

Step 2) Get Nero of some sort (i use Nero 6, once again, there is a trial) In nero when the screen to make a dvd pops up you might need to close it if the dvd option is not available. In the empty grey space of the basic nero menus, in the upper right is a arrow pulldown bar telling which drive is used (i use it to select what drive to burn with, my cd burner or my dvd burner) Go to File->New and select DVD format, then DVD-Video. Take all the files that TMPGENC DVD Author copied and edited, and put ALL of them into the VIDEO_TS folder, the AUDIO_TS folder should be completely empty. Just burn it and good luck :slight_smile:

I was only able to put my three dvds onto 1 disc because each dvd was 2GB, which i shrunk down to 1.5 thus putting 3 on. For an average movie, you might only be able to compress it down to 3GB so unless you have Dual-Layer media you are screwed. TMPGENC DVD Author when making your disc with menus, there will be a main menu and tracks. The tracks are lower menus to select things like chapters in the movies. Many many movies for some reason i am not aware of, have the movie on the disc twice, the exact same thing. So if you take just one of the files (the two are the same) and make that the main movie, you might have a chance. Enjoy :slight_smile:

arn’t telesync svcd’s, illegal movies you download from the net?