Help! Trying to flash plexcombo 320, upgrade hung

I attempted to flash my plexcombo px-320a from firmware 1.02 to 1.04. I’m running winxp, and the plextor is master and only device on the secondary IDE channel. I (stupidly?) used the windows upgrade tool on the plextor website. Its been 10 minutes, and the program is still saying “upgrade in progress”.

I assume it doesn’t take this long to upgrade the firmware. Am I in trouble?

I always use the Windows flash tool and haven’t had any problems with it so far so I can’t say the Windows tool is a bad idea. Flashing your drive shouldn’t take more than a minute or so and the tool should ask if you want to restart your computer after flashing has been completed. I’m not sure what will happen if you restart your computer… Perhaps flashing has been done successfully and nothing will happen. In a worst case scenario it could also be that your drive becomes unusable. You can then try re-flashing your drive with the DOS-tool… Good luck!

Thanks. I figured it should just be a minute or so.

It continued to just hang there. I reset my computer and crossed my fingers. Seems the drive is ok…still has 1.02 firmware.

I’ll consider a dos flash. My machine has no floppy, so I’ll have to jury rig a cd with dos boot.

Did you try flashing in DOS and if so did that work ok?