HELP! trying to fix CD ROM problem

Hi there, i am usually pretty good with computers, i fix them for everybody i know. but a week ago i rebooted my father in laws pc back to manuf default settings, to help with his slow/lag pc. in doing so the cd rom now will not detect any cd put into it. in most research i have found, states to open ‘regedit’ and delete the UPPER/LOWER FILTERS. Prob is, no filters are on the subkey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}…
i have uninstalled, removed the cables, rebooted back to manuf settings (again), did the MS FIX IT, i have done everything i can find. NADA, NOTHING, NO HOW. Can someone shed some light on this, so i dont look like a dumb ass to my father in law. PLEASE…

Try testing the drive outside of the Windows operating system. To do this, get a bootable disc, like a Windows install disc, a live Linux cd or even something like the Ultimate Boot CD. Then go into the bios and make certain that the boot order is set to look for an optical drive first, before looking for the operating system on a hard drive.

Put the bootable disc in the drive and reboot the system. If the drive is operating properly, you will start up the cd, not Windows on the hard drive.

Having determined that the drive itself is functioning, you can then go on to troubleshoot problems in the operating system. Certain programs have been known to interfere with optical drives. iTunes is one of them.

You can also try deleting the drive in Device Manager and let Windows find the “new” hardware. How old is the computer? Is the drive using a SATA interface or is it the older style PATA IDE?

Still didnt work. Oh well must be a dead cdrom drive. I replaced and the other one working fine. Thank u again.

[QUOTE=andevore04;2654421]Still didnt work. Oh well must be a dead cdrom drive. I replaced and the other one working fine. Thank u again.[/QUOTE]

There is a saying in medicine, > When you hear hoofbeats, think “horses” not “Zebras” <

if an optical drive won’t read a disc your knee jerk reaction should never be to solve a problem with a complicated fix, “registry edit” fit the very definition of “complicated”, but to think of a simple way to fix the problem…

What you did, another optical drive.

When I have a problem I generally want to “fix” it more than I want to understand it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to understand the problem as well…

to that end when an optical drive won’t work my first solution if another IDENTICAL optical drive, if that works the first optical drive goes directly into the recycyling bin with “NFG” written on it with a read grease pencil

If another identical drive doesn’t work then a dis-similar drive is used
and if that one after loading drivers and the necissary reboot works, I take another tactic from my personal playbook of “How to outsmart a computer”…

I finish the intended task with the dis-similar drive run Ccleaner, do a disc cleanup with windows, then reinstal the original “suspected” drive and try to make the computer boot from a bootable Disc if it works I just presume the original driver became corrupted and leave it as-is.

Generally speaking if switching back to the original drive triggers
"Found new hardware" the drive will probably work.

But also if a driver for a CD drive or other hardware becomes corrupted in a system that’s otherwise been stable for years that starts my antennae twitching And I start digging through my collection of spare hard drives for one with no “SMART” errors and my most recent Clonezilla disc.

[QUOTE=andevore04;2654421]Still didnt work. Oh well must be a dead cdrom drive. I replaced and the other one working fine. Thank u again.[/QUOTE]

You did the right thing, especially when someone is waiting. There is always the risk of knocking out the whole computer when in the Registry. I have been working on computers a long time, and I use to spend more time fixing them but computers are straight forward. For Hardware problems Device Manager is the right Tool. System Restore can also be used to set things back to when it was working. If you can’t get the CD ROM working changing it out is not that hard, and you can upgrade too. :cool: