Help:trying to create cd with compressed mp3 files

Hi everyone…I sure hope that somebody can help!!!
i have just purchased a shaper image cd player which says that it can play a cd with compressed mp3 files for up to 12 hours!!!

it says :

Plays CDs, CD-RWs and CDs encoded with MP3 compressed music files for nearly 12 hours of music on a single disc. In MP3 mode, scroll 99 albums "

Now I have been researching how to do this…i.e. save my mp3 files that I downloaded from kazaa(bout 500 of them!!!) onto 1 cd…but I can’t work out how to do this?

IN short, I would like to know how I can burn a single cdr with 12 hours of music.
I possess nero burning rom software.
I would be IMMENSELY grateful if anyone can tell me!
Do I have to reencode my downloaded mp3 files to get them onto one disc?


Just use Nero to burn the mp3 files as data.

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Originally posted by Hemispasm

Just use Nero to burn the mp3 files as data.


… that is, in New Compilation prompt there would be needed to choose ‘CD-ROM (ISO)’ format ,
‘No Multisession’ and ‘Finalize CD’ ( Burn tab ) .

And keep in mind to put 01, 02, 03…77, 78 etc
before the artist in order to get the files in the desired by you order.

N-joy your listening ! :smiley: