Help trying to back up and nothing works! Same problems with three different software

hello everyone, im not sure where to post this, I apologize if I am in the incorrect spot, but I have had the same problem using three different backup programs. I have been using DVD SHRINK, ANY DVD and DVD DECRYPTER to make AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS files to my HDD and what happens is at 97/98/99 even 100% the software freezes and my backup fails. Whats even weirder is using DVD Shrink to backup just the movie portion I am able to complete the backup, no problems. I really dont understand what could be the problem since I have used THREE different programs, and countless movies. Codecs I dont believe are the latest, but I have enough to play DVD’s as well as any other video format. I understand that I can get the movie backed up, but there are still two things that bother me, 1 being the movie is not the only contents of the disk, and 2 it bothers me why I cant get this to work the way it should. I have yet to try using a different computer, I have a slow ass computer I am hoping to use as a server and I started to try but was too slow and I had to disconnect it when I left work. I am going to try again and let it go overnight. Also, ANY DVD is the trial version and of course DVD SHRINK is free, I have seen how people get on others about using counterfit software and I want to say that I dont work that way. Everything I am trying to back up is owned by me. If anyone out there can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

These are my specs
ms 1029 laptop Sempron 2600+ 1.25 Gigs of memory, using built in DL DVD burner, Direct x 9 Was not installed I believe although I dont think this has anything to do with it because I tried it after installing DX9 and got the same problem.

I tried using DVD SHRINK along with ANY DVD on my server pc and it worked fine. I was able to backup the full movie no problems. Im still not sure why I cant do this on my laptop, which I would like to use instead because in sheere horsepower it kicks and it takes a lot less time. I hope someone has an idea as to whats going on who can possibly help.

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Do you have latest version of cd-dvd speed? Can you post the exact sequence of steps you do starting from the original disc?

What file system do you use in your hard disc? Is it FAT32 or NTFS?

Could it be that the laptop drive isn’t as good a reader as the drive you have in your server PC?

I’d be interested in what optical drive you’re using to read the disc in your server PC and your laptop. :slight_smile:

I may be way off base, but it’s worth asking :wink:

Well, the dvd drive in the laptop is a Philips DVD±RW DL burner that came with the laptop. I am currently running CD-DVD Speed. Exact sequence is load windows, put disk in dvd drive, load dvd shrink, click open disk, analyze disk, click backup, store to hard drive, use audio_TS and VIDEO_TS option, and then wait for the disk to fail. I am using NTFS on both computers. For some reason the disk that I tried using on the server actually worked on my laptop. I then tried another disk on the laptop and it faild. I am currently trying it on my server pc and it failed at 99% during the first analyze so i wiped the bottom a little bit with my shirt and tried again, it is now currently backing up at 30%. We will see how this one goes. The only thing I can think of is the only two disks that I have successfully backed up (the entire disk) on the laptop were store bought disks, where as the majority of the others have been backed up on DVD from when DVDXCOPY was popular, But I have had store bought disks fail as well. I wonder if it has anything to do with the quality of the disks? or possibly just the drive itself? I can find out what type of drive the server has in it in a while in the mean time I need to get to class.

I may be reading this incorrectly but if any of the burned discs were done w/ Xcopy then you’ll have a hell of a time doing those…for me to do backups of those i used PgcEdit to kill the playback of the encryption it has then it backs up and plays fine…If it store bought discs…could be bad discs but if your getting this all the time now…may be a PC issue…Maybe a differnet app like Dvd2One…see i that helps…if not…maybe your readers aren’t that strong

I will give PGCEDIT a try, the last disk I was talking about in my last post was backed up with Xcopy and ended up backing up to my HDD flawlessly. At this point I am assuming its a hardware problem, but what puzzles me is the first time I tried backing up with my laptop I used a store bought DVD I was able to back it up to my laptop’s HDD. I dont know though I might just end up trying a new optical drive in the laptop see if that makes a difference too. Also, for these apps like ANYDVD, DVD SHRINK and DVD DECODER, as well as any others, should I install specific codecs such as DIVX and Direct x? Specific drivers, possibly a firmware update?

Try to rip first on HDD with dvd decrypter and then use shrink on HDD files