HELP! Trouble with burning a very large VOB/MPG file!

Can someone please tell me what my best option will be to burn a VOB file that is 12 GB in size that can also be renamed to an MPG and played on my computer? I got in a big mess trying to burn this file, Nero does not encode it properly it always burn a blank screen when I try to burn it. It was originally a tivo file that I converted into an mpg and then in to a VOB file. Except somehow I did not get the corresponding IFO file that u need to burn dvd files. So now I am stuck with this huge 12 GB mpg/vob file that I need to burn on 1 DVD (or 2)! Any suggestions???

If you use IfoEdit you can create the other files needed for DVD compliance. There’s an option to create IFOs.

Once you’ve done that you could shrink it with DVD Shrink or CloneDVD2.

With the likes of PowerDVD or VideoLan VLC you can play the vob as it is.