Help///Trouble appending a CD-RW using Sonic V7

I searched prior to asking the following but could not find help.

The computer I just purchased has Sonic V7 installed and I am trying to transfer some corel files to a CD-RW and to be then able to make changes.

I am able to copy the files to the CD-RW but I am not able to access or change the files I copied once on the CD-RW.

I am able to view the files using Sonic but not open them.

I can open them by clicking on the E drive but when I try to change anything it tells me I am not authorized or the files are read only.

My system is Windows XP home and the computer is a Compaq

The CD-RW are Memorex Ultra Speed 24 x CD-RW

Any help would be appreciated.


Sounds like you have a Bad CD-RW. Don’t use CD-RW’s they are rubbish and nothing but a head ache. The only thing they are good for is a Frisbee.