Help! Toshiba SD-R5112 only burns @ 1x!



My brother has a Toshiba SD-R5112 which supports 4x burning of DVD-R. I was trying to burn some Bulkpaq Orange Princo @ 4x and even though both Nero latest and Roxio CD/DVD Creator said 4x when burning it took about 45 minutes to burn a disc in each app.

I checked DMA was enabled in device manager and whilst there noticed an oddity.

The drive is listed but above it are 3 duplicate entries of H+H DVD something or other. What the hell is that? I tried removing all ROM drives and rebooted and it detected the drive plus those 3 entries again!

It still will not burn at full speed.

It’s an HP machine with branded HP XP Home edition.


What does Nero InfoTool say about both your IDE setup and the DMA status of the drives? It should be installed somewhere on your machine - you want to be looking at the Configuration tab.



Can’t test right now. Will have another go when I go down my brothers again. He’s a computer n00b so he has not even burned 1 disc yet.


3 duplicate entries of H+H DVD

Virtual CD utility?