hi i would be very greatful if anyone could help me i have a old toshiba 1800-814 laptop, i recently purchased software for it but for some reason i can not put it onto it, i have the dvd’s tried it on my or laptop and pc’s and the discs work fine there but for some reason this drive on the Toshiba does not what to detect them… The discs are -. I tried puting them onto + discs and that does not work. I was reading something about the book field might be the problem, if any one has any ideas

Many ThanKs

And what is the drive model in it?

Some old DVD drives cannot recognize recordable DVD media of any type.
Burning on DVD+R booktyped to DVD-ROM is the only chance then.

hi thanks for ur reply, i am not sure that model the drive but i think that the thing about the book type if right because my mate lent me a dvd disc which i burnt the software onto which worked. I used nero to check the disc info and it said it was a DVD + and the booktype was DVD - . But the problem is that we do not know what type of disc it is or where to get one again. I would be grateful if you could help further. Many thanks

Booktype cannot be DVD- , only DVD-ROM.

Check for your drive using Nero Infotool or DISCINFO.

hi the drive is toshiba Model No: SD-C2502 (DVD-ROM). Do u have any ideas on what to do (i.e. what type of disc/s to purchase) Thanks Again

Maybe you could update the firmware. Which one is on the drive?

hi again, thanks for ur reply i have checked the toshiba site and cant find any firewire for the disc drive. My mate give me a 2 blank DVD;s that was a dvd + , i copied the dvd s that would not work onto them using nero and tried them and they worked fine but my mate does not know where he got the blank dvd’s or what make they are due to the fact they are printable. I check the dvd’s disc info out in nero and it said it was a DVD+ and that book type:DVD - . Do u have any ideas. Many Thanks

Find out the firmware revision on the drive and I might could give you info on how to update it.