Help to select a brand of CD-R!

I live in Mexico and I just went to an officemax here where they sell this brands of CD-Rs :

50 Pack Spindle Verbatim CD-R 52x (CMC MAG) Made in Taiwan (Price about 14 dollars)

50 Pack Spindle Imation CD-R 52x (Moser Baer) Made in India (Price about 14 dollars)

50 pack spindle Sony CD-R 48x (Sony) Made in Mexico (Price about 19 dollars)

I´m thinking about buying the Verbatim spindle or the Imation Spindle because of the cheap price, Anyone have any suggestions of which brand should I Buy???

I´m very worried about the degradation problems…

Does anyone know if the Imation CD-R (Moser Baer) Degrade faster than a Verbatim Cd-R (CMC)???

I want to buy the brand that last longer without degradation…

Thanks in advance…

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I have a spindle of the CMC Mag-coded Verbatims, and they’ve been fine, so I’d be inclined to go with those. :slight_smile:

I would go with the MIT Verbatim. They are one of the most
widely used CD-R on the planet and I haven’t seen any
complaints about them.

Why are you so worried about degradation? Have you
experienced degradation problems with CD-R?
Verbatim claim their CD-R has an archive life of
100 years.

If you are backing up critical data, you should make multiple
backups on more than one type of media.

You can also create an extra layer of protection by using
dvdisaster to generate ECC for your CD.

Some older MBI CD-R is definitely of questionable quality.
My recommendation: Go with the Verbatim CMCs.
Sony are most likely CMC as well because CMC had a plant in Mexico.