Help to find the cure against Cancer, join the United Burners!

I just posted the article Help to find the cure against Cancer, join the United Burners!.

Besides our RC5 Project we have now also joined United Devices, a distributed computing project that is trying to find the cure against Cancer. Probably all of you know people who died of this…

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I can fully understand this situation as I have know many people sucumm to this dreadful disease which is inherent in us all, what sparks it of us unknown. I would like a cure for the AID’s Virus which seems to be wiping out millions of innocent victims all over the globe. I am sure this was introduced by the British government after they captured the German Scientist responsible for the making of the nerve gases which killed lots of people. Did you also know there is a place in the UK called England, which has a location called portdown! Here the MOD authorised the nerve gases to be used against their own soldiers to see what it would do, it killed them off course, by the dozens, they then sent letters to the families they their sons died on the battlefield. If it wasnt for the German rocket scientist who was also captured, The so called independant USA would have none of the technology they have today. So I say FUCK the MOD in the UK and the USA. You have used Hitlers scientists to kill your own people. The whole goverment/MOD/MI5/MI6, NSA and Area51 in groom lake, Nevada Desert are all corrupt. In the USA they release gases in the certain places to see what effects it has on those people present, in other words both the USA, and the UK(Chemical warfare)are still carrying out Hitlers work for him. SO I SAY FUCK THE LOT OF THEM. I hope they burn in hell for eternity, as that is where they belong. :4 Sorry for this post, but there are other important diseases that need tending too as well. The government are trying too control the global population, and slowly they are succeeding.

hmmmmm maybe you need to quit watching xfiles bro?

interceptor, You seem to be using too heavy stuff. Just say no :4

I don’t take drugs mate, never have done, and never will. I just speak my mind. The truth hurts, but it is not in anyway meant to cause offence to any individuals. I was just tired when I wrote this @2:30am UK time

You have to agree part of what I say has some truth in it :4! Look up the history file on WW2

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but if you want to discuss this in depth then please use our forum. This is the ideal place for people to discuss these matters. The RC5/United Devices Forum can be found by clicking the forum link at the top of the mainpage. P.s i tried to make a hyperlink to this forum but it get’s screwed up each time.

The truth is out there!:slight_smile: