Help to decide Pionner or Nec

Anyone please help me to decide to purchase
Pioneer DVR-111D or Nec 3550A

Iam looking for a drive can burn fast, play all DVD players



Personally, I’d go for the Pio…but then I’m biased, I own a Pio drive, and no NECs! :wink:

Iam using Nec 3520a, it’s ok, but want to try Pioneer hope this drive won’t dissapoint me

thanks, any suggestion!!!

The Pio111 is definite the better one of these both burners.

Hi :slight_smile:
I have a couple of Nec drives. I also have a Pioneer. The drive that stands out in terms of your choices is without doubt the Pioneer.

not really o.t here, but after reading pioneer reviews etc, ive noticed they are picky with media etc or was that just plextor? What are the pio’s fortees? (sp?) sale both of them same price 37.99 free shipping, that’s why harđ to pick

thanks all

My Pio 110D isn’t picky at all (I can feed it good or crap media, depending on who the disc is for :bigsmile: ). It’s a very good reader, too…dunno if the 111 is similar, but reports that I’ve seen so far suggest it may be better.

so iam going to order 1 pioneer 111 and 1 Nec 3550a
any firmware suggesstions for those two model to make it works best