Help to convert raw(vob/ifo etc) dvd files from my hard drive to s/vcd


Most tutorials I`ve read for a great # of programs , are for conversion off the DvD drive , but I only have the raw files on my hard drive .

But even when I am able choose files from my harddrive , Ie in Dvdx , the program hangs , literally all evening , I went to bed & it was still hanging in the morn , I cant get this program to work . Next I tried DVD2SVCD , I followed the guides to a tee . But when all is said & done Im left with a bin cue of about 194 mb , & only about 9 minutes of the dvd .

Where you can choose to add or delete vobs etc , all 4 vobs show there , but in movie length window it shows as only 9 min 53 seconds .

This happens with any dvd files I have , not just a select one . The files all check & play fine in dvd shrink as well .

Id like to keep chapters and menus if possible , but Ill settle for a vcd if thats simpler.

Can I ask for some help please . I`m frustrated here