Help to convert LD to DVD

Hi all, I need to convert my LD movies to DVD format. Any advise on how to do it? Thanks.

Purchase a capture card and use the same technique you would use for VHS tapes. Do a search and you should come up with quite a few links. The only problem you may have is if you have digital audio, but even that can be resolved.

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LaserDisc is basically analogue like VHS, so either use the old video capture card technique, or if you have a Firewire camcorder with analogue pass-thru…

Sorry to bring up an old thread… but…

How do I convert my LD’s into DVD’s? I have an optical output on my LD player and I could like to capture that. I currently have my LD player hooked through my SVideo input on my capture card.

The optical out is probably audio only, and that may be some unusual form of audio stream, so it’s best to stay with the analog audio unless you can demonstrate the digital stream works right. Laserdiscs are analog, not digital, so the few that had digital audio out were pretty weird, format-wise. Some discs had digital audio streams, most did not so that digital stream may be dead if the disc has analog audio only.

The SVHS is your only option for video. If you have a lot of these discs to do, consider buying a good DVD recorder, as your PC will be tied up for many many hours doing captures and conversions, and you will tire of it quickly. Also be aware that Laserdiscs did not have anamorphic images, so they will all be 4:3 video, letterboxed.

I want to know too.