Help to choose Benq or LG

(models 1620 or 4163). I had to buy one next monday. It’s needed for back up copy of my HD, DVD authoring and for burning DVDs with my video edition works, so could be played in, as much as possible, DVD players, specially standalone players.
I am very sorry about my English.
PD. Benq is 35€ cheaper than LG.

i’d go out on a limb and say that most ppl will say the BenQ w/out a doubt.

Both are excellent drives, but here are the important differences.

BenQ supports bitsetting on DVD+Rw and LG does not.

LG supports DVD-RAM and BenQ does not.

BenQ support PI/PIF/PO error testing and LG does not.

LG is better looking than the BenQ IMO.