Help to buy a dvd recorder with or without hardrive



Hi, I need to buy a dvd recorder, where I can do everything, I dont know which to buy? does anyone recomend any dvd recorder with or with out hardrive…
dvd recorder? a good one
and dvd recorder with harddrive? a good one
thanks :clap:


Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to recommend a specific DVD recorder (or range) without knowing which features you’ll be interested in. :rolleyes:

Anyway, here is a basic guide to choosing a DVD recorder:

Many of the features with VHS Video recorders also apply to DVD, such as if it includes a stereo Tuner, VCR+, TV Guide, what connectivity it has and so on. Features more specific to DVD recorders include editing features, whether it has a hard drive, type of media support, CPRM support and so on.

The most basic DVD recorders generally support writeable and rewritable DVDs (often DVD+R/RW), timer support and basic editing features such as overwrite, ability to erase titles and insert chapters during recording. Chapters give the ability to jump to a given point during playback, like with movie DVDs.

More advanced DVD recorders include the ability to edit and hide chapters in recordings, VCR+ and/or TV Guide support and possibly the ability to split or merge titles (only those in sequence). If you want to make recordings with stereo sound off the air, ensure it has a stereo tuner (virtually all DVD recorders record in stereo from external AV sources).

DVD recorders with a hard drive give a wide range of editing features such as the ability to split and merge titles, faster editing (each operation to DVD usually takes 10 to 20 seconds) and virtually do away with worrying about running out of disc space (unless the HDD is full) or not having a blank disc handy. With my HDD+DVD recorder (LiteOn LVW-5045) I usually do all my recordings to the HDD and then transfer the recording to disc. The hard drive also gives the ability to make recordings that would not fit on disc. Once the recording is made, it is then possible to split the recording in several parts to transfer to DVD. Finally, if the recording turns out wrong (such as the programme being cancelled), it does not result in a wasted disc. :wink:


thanks for the advice, I am looking one without copy proct…ion, I want to record my tv shows and dvd to dvd.