Help! Tmpgenc error

I have this problem in tmpgenc saying that “Tmpgenc.exe cause an error in MP43DMOD.DLL” anyone experience this? I think that dll is a codec for avi and asf files. I recently upgraded my media player to version 9, do you think it’s the reason of the problem? How could i solve it? Thank You!

u haven’t exactly said when u get this error, so it’d be kinda hard to know how to diagnose it.

I’m converting an asf movie clip into mpg vcd compliant. Everytime time tmpgenc will start to encode the file from WIZARD i got the error and when i try to open the file from the browse when i used the ordinary method. I’ve also upgraded ver. 2.510.49.155 of tmpgenc to the latest same problem. Also tried to convert the file first to avi, the same again. I’ve search the net for this problem and found out were having the same problem, he’s also using wmp 9 but none replied his post.

is there some way to change the encoding through wmp9?