Help this newbie please



so i was at fry and bought a new bluray burner it is a bh12ls38 . And my specs is 640 gig western digital hardr drive and 4 gigs a ddr3 and intel i5 760 .Im trying to burn mp3s on adata disc so far i just get coasters hard drives are defraged and nothing else is running. my media is kodak bd-r 4x came ina 25 pack and is white on top no is the burner bad .or user error? thank you for reading my post


darn i forgot to say i tryed to bulrn the disc at 2 4 s and 8 all was coasters and i tryied nero and img and the software that came with drive think it caled lg burner


Try burning mp3s on a CD. I guess you could burn mp3s on a blue ray disc but they would have to be for storage only. I know of nothing that would play them off a BD disc.


Also you could try some different media, such as Verbatim/Mitsubishi. I’m not sure whether Kodak media is good or not…


thank you ill try new media sadly i live ina small town and blu ray media is crazy hard to find and expensive i bought some memore bdr 4x and verbatim 6x trying memorex now


it was the kodak media guess it dont like my burner


Not surprised that your burner doesn’t really like the Kodak media. Actually the only BD media that I can always recommend is Verbatim…