Help-this is driving me crazy!



I even called technical support on this issue with my own money and still didn’t resolve the problem :frowning: I’m trying to make slideshows but this stupid screen keeps coming up, it’s an open dialog box and it won’t let me get past it to browse my pics. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? The tech had be do a clean up of my disc and reinstall but that didn’t work. I emailed the tech support for the 2nd time as they didn’t get back to me the first time. Is there anyone else I can email with a print shot of my screen :doh: Thank you so much to anyone who can help me


Need more info that what you have given what program are you using to try and look at your pictures? are they on a hard drive or cd? what does the screen say that comes up?
What technical support are you talking about?


I am using Nero Start Smart 7. I am using the slideshow program for DVD. My pics are on my hard drive and just get them from there. It was working no problem a few weeks ago. Then, the other day I started a new slideshow.Had all the pics I wanted. Then I was trying to add music but my music folder where I had my music coming up wasn’t showing on the browse screen. I don’t know what I did next as it’s a blur but I remember pressing something and then this open dialog box came up with a couple of other tabs, (search and I can’t remember what else at the moment) Ever since then, I can’t get rid of it. I called Nero technical support by telephone and paid the money for them to help me but they’re advice didn’t work. BTW, sorry if I wasn’t very informative before, had my kiddies hanging over me


You don’t have to email anyone a screenshot. Just post it here so we can see what the dialog says.


Hi Sikoone,

Stupid question, but how would I post my screenshot? I pressed Ctrl Print Scrn and then Ctrl V to paste but that didn’t work. I am really the poster girl for Newbie:) Thank you so much for you helping me as well


Sikoone are you there?