Help the Thicko with the HD A760 and Sky



right, i have a 2 scart input TV.

i have a sky box, with the TV Scart going to the TV, and the VCR Scart going to the HD A760. i’ve also wired the Sky RF to the HD A760.

the HD A760 Output Scart is going to the TV (via a 3 way switcher as i have a couple of consoles too)

so, i have the Sky turned on, and is visible via AV1 on the TV. Sky is not visible on AV2.

when i turn on the HD A760, it appears on both AV1 (via the Sky box i assume, even though it’s only connected via the VCR out) and AV2.

so, i’m watching the TV (either AV), and on both AV channels, i can see sky, and the Liteon menu, regardless of which AV it is. i can record onto the HD, and play it back, no problem.

but when i select “Scart” as the source on the HD, it all goes pear shaped, and i get some very funky lightshow, which isn’t particularly helpful, and as the liteon seems to be feeding back through the Sky box, i’m basically up the swanee as far as recording Sky onto it via the Sky VCR out.

what am i doing/have i done wrong? other threads i’ve read seem to indicate Sky VCR out is quite adequate for recording onto DVD/HDD, so why is mine wierd? (this is the case regardless of the TV Bypass setting)


to clarify, with Bypass allowed, the Bypass works like a dream, but still no input from the Scart Source.

tesing with another Scart Source (an old gamecube), i can’t use the Scart in as a recording source.

have i buggered up, or is the unit broke?