Help the newbie please- Unable to Read my camcorder DVD on my PC

I have a “samsung cdrw/dvd sm -352F” combo drive on my Dell machine I have also a canon DC100 digital camcorder which allows me to record in both VR and Video modes on DVD-RW format disks, but when I try to watch my recroded DVD-RW disks my combo drive don’t seem to recognize the DVD and after a long time of pondering tells me that there are no disks in the drive! anyone knows how to address this problem or point me to the right direction I much appreciate, I just had my first baby and would like to be able to edit them on my PC before burning them on full size DVD. cheers balazagi

Did you try closing the DVD-RW? Sometimes some drives have problem reading -RW discs if they are not closed. And what brand of DVD-RW are you using? It’s better to stick with a good brand of -RW discs like Verbatim if possible.

Thanks, Yes I have finaliazed my DVD-RW on camcorder, guess this is what you mean by “closing”, and Sony is the brand of the DVD-RW that I am using, it is suppose to be among the good ones and it is also doble-sided recordable! is it possible that my Samsung drive is only capable of reading DVD+RW disks, and this is the problem?

Isnt that media an 8cm one?