Help the new guy, the game is in a foler with all the files

hi guys, sorry if this question has been asked, i have read the tutorials and searched a bit but i couldnt find anything.

okay i have a game on my pcs hdd and its in a folder with all the files like the autorun.exe the folder with all the data and so on.

now there are two cds so once it installed the first cd it askes me for the second one and i cant load it becuase thats on my hdd.

now i have downloaded the crack, which is a exe, the only thing that i tried to do was to mount it with deamon tools but it doesnt work.

so how do get it to work.

thanks, the people at this forum have always helped me, i hope this time could be the same.



Please don’t post about illegal software.

Not to be stupid but why don’t you use the original disk to install the game?

As KitnaIsntHappy said, No CD Cracks are illegal and shouldn’t be discussed on the forum. Please refrain from this in the future.

okay, sorry, i thought i knew enough to post it in such a way that will be okay but i guess i was wrong. sorry, i will edit my post if you want.

Edit: are cracks illigal? and just for the record i didnt use the no cd crack.

Cracka are illgeal because they reverse engineer the code which will be not allowed in the EULA.