Help the new guy a couple of easy questions

I need some help, and judging by yalls knowledge, I think you can help. As with any newb, before yall start flaming, I did a search AND a google search so please help me out.

my first question is, I just bought an external HP dvd burner. the model number is dvd940. I need to know what it is OEM for book marking and such. Its an HP with lightscribe so im guessing lite-on but i honestly have no clue.

second what is a good dvd+r media that is lightscribe. Ive seen some verbs and Ive heard they have alright quality. I need media that is AZO because Ive read its best for backing up PS2 games. If there isn’t an AZO lightscribe media, what is a good regular AZO? I have trouble with this whole TY thing and cant really figure it out (yes i read the guides and such).

I think that is all I have, Im sure Ill think of something as I get into this whole burning dealo. Thanks Justin

EDIT: its a Model:940e-XH06 manufactured in nov 06

Hi uawaterskier and welcome to cdfreaks,

Yup, good chance it’s a litey, maybe this one?
You can download and install nero cd-dvd speed (link in my sig).
It’s free and a very useful utility. Good for testing and identifying stuff.
For eg., toss a disc in your burner and click the info tab, it’ll display the MID (media code) of your disc as well as the burner and firmware.

Tough to go wrong with Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden media. I never use LS discs myself. Verbs are easy to find, frequently on sale both online and in stores. TY’s are sold online. A good place to look for sales and decent feedback is:
CD Freaks Bargain Basement

Hope this helps.

thanks for the info. I went to burn a dvd for the first time a minute ago and when i put my blank media in, it said 940d which would mean its a lite-on correct?

so heres another question. I semi made a coaster. I got all of the video files fine, just no sound. I used DVD Decrypter for the iso read and imgburn for the write at 1/2 my burner speed. do i have to use dvd shrink? I didn’t if i was suppose too. I have also seen where the read is done in file mode instead of iso read. can anyone give the low down on this? What Im looking for is the best burn qualitity and have current have dvd decrypt, dvd shrink, and imgburn.


Nope, really HP.

Welcome to CD Freaks.

It could be a Liteon. More likely it is an LG. They are easily identified
by looking at the front bezel. See photo below. The top drive is a
Liteon LH-20A1P. The bottom one is a LG GSA-H22N. Note the
position of the LED and emergency eject hole.

Your drive might be a GSA-H22L?

Verbatim 16X +R (MCC004) works very well in our PS2.

my hole is on the left side like the top Lite-on drive. Should I rip as a file instead of doing an ISO read? I havent attempted to back up another dvd yet. Also Im using -R Sony media if that could be a problem

so can someone PLEASE tell me what I need to do to back up a dvd using the tools (dvd decrypter, dvd shrink, Imgburn) ive listed? I couldn’t find anything on the net

There’s lots of guides at

I would suggest using DvdFab HD Decrypter (free), to rip to your hard drive because Dvd Decrypter has long since stopped being able to handle some of the newer protected Dvds on it’s own. Rip to your hard drive Full Dvd, then use Dvd Shrink to make it fit on a single layer disc. Within Dvd Shrink decide what audio you want to keep, if you want movie only or full dvd, etc, when you back it up, create an ISO to burn with ImgBurn.

excellent, should i just get rid of dvd decrypter? I know its old and all, but it seems to work fairly well and i really like the setup (thus is also why i like Imgburn).

Personally I would not get rid of Dvd Decrypter because every once in a while somebody keeps coming up with a program that uses it, & then old is new again. Remember it is only certain Dvds that it won’t work on.

thanks for the advice beef barley. Ill try DvdFab and rip as a file and give that a go. thanks again JUSTIN

Good luck & remember, if you can’t burn happy, don’t burn at all.

You can’t ask for better advice than what you have been offered by some members here already.

ok so my coasters are getting better each time i attempt a burn. I now ripped using DVD Decrypter, Used DVD Shrink to create an iso, burned using Imgburn at 1/2 the max speed of my drive. I now get a full dvd that functions correctly, only the video get choppy almost through out the whole dvd. Not horrible, but enough to notice. So any tips on how to elimanate the jumpyness?

Is it choppy when you play it on your PC? If not then I would suggest cleaning your standalone & retrying that disc. If this doesn’t work, then post back & we will take a look at something else. BTW, I meant half the rated speed of the blank disc, for example, if the disc is 16X, then burn @8X etc.

ok so heres the skinny, i played it first my computers internal drive (just a DVD Rom) and it was choppy, then I played it in my standalone and it too is choppy. When I ripped the file to my HD I used my internal drive. It worked out that I wrote at 1/2 the speed of the media (by the way thats the first time i’ve heard go by the media instead of your drive). I feel like Im getting close, I just need to adjust a few settings to get it perfect.

In Dvd Shrink, are you doing the Full Dvd or are you getting rid of stuff you don’t want? I would be interested in knowing what compression % reading you are getting?

I thought I was doing a full dvd backup. I didnt delete anything and the bar on the top didn’t have any red. It also was less than the max size. I feel pretty comfortable with the dvd decrypter and imgburn. i looked through the guides on shrink, but I still dont really understand all of it.

are you now using DVDFab HD Decrypter also as beef barley asked what is the compression percentage in shrink. yes maybe you want to do a full disc backup but you dont like the little squares when you watch it. shrink does just what the name suggest, you will lose quality.

if you want the best quality and keep all the special features you will need to use dual layer or flipper disc. personally, i only backup the main movie, or if i really like the special features then i will put them on a second disc. two dvd-5 disc $.70 or one dual layer disc $1.70.

be sure to close all running processes, disable your screensaver and dont do anything else while you are burning.