Help! The instilation CD for my brandless webcam doesn't work

i ordered a webcam from ebay which i tried to install today. The camera itself seems to work - the LSDs come on anyway… But the installation CD can’t be read. So i can’t install the sorfware. Is there somewhere i can download it?Or is there anything else i can do? i don’t know the brand, all it says is USB2.0 JPEG webcam.
Please help!
Thank you

Try to visit manufacturer’s web site if you find something there.
Is the CD original or a copy? If original it will tell you what web cam it is or from which manufacturer on the label face.
You can also look in a Device Manager, if the cam is installed and working.

The CD is a copy… I don’t know who the manufacturer i but i’ll try and find out. Thanks for the help =]

If the cam is pluged in you may have to be able to see manufacturer in a Device Manager.

Sorry but Web Cam are so cheap right now I just wonder why take a chance on a used one on ebay.

[B]CDRomeo[/B] has a point.