Help testing the quality of CD-R media

I just posted the article Help testing the quality of CD-R media.

On our forum an intresting topic has been posted. An user called Halcyon is trying to find people who want to help him testing CD-R media.

He has a large number of things he wants to test…

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I live in the US Virgin Islands and would test some discs. The sun and UV here about extremely intense and the salt and moisture in the air sure destroys the discs in my car and home quickly.

I live in Pheonix Arizona in the USA. It gets about 120 degrees in the summer here. It rains about 2 days a year, so it is a very dry heat. I am up for helping out.

It gets about 120 degrees in the summer here…hmm water boils at 100 degrees…man it is hot there, how do u ppl manage to live out there…

120 degrees fahrenheit, not centigrade …

Well, I live in SEattle, so should rust build up be part of the test? Actually, it doesn’t quite rain here as much as everyone thinks, except all those lame Califorians who moved up here in the 90’s. They think it rains all the time.

i live in england and its almost always raining. ok maybe not all the time but when you come from south africa thats all it seems to do over here :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t see the point of testing the cdr media. The quality of change from time to time and even they come from the same factory. Moreover, putting it outside is not a good controlled environment. Everyday, the uv level, humidity change. Moreover, when a disc get aged, the surface coating will peel off and potentially will damage your laser head. Man