HELP temp too high in case

I downloaded a program that monitors the temp in the case…the cpu temp and a sensor 3 temp…

the alarm keeps going off saying the case temp is 170 degrees Farenheight…

is that bad high or do i need to go tweek some settings?

I doubt that the temperature is near to or at 170F. Would you be using MBM?

Motherboard monitor programs are notoriously inaccurate. Not because of shortcomings with the software but with the MB diodes. Get a proper thermal monitor with temp sensors, or just go down to WalMart and get a thermometer that has a remote sensor. There’s a number of nice little monitors that slip into an empty 3" floppy bay.

Easy test is to put the bulb-end of a thermometer on the exit vent of your PC (usually at the rear). This will measure the exhaust’s air temperature. Some PCs will have two vents, one coming from the power supply, and the other from the case. Check both locations. If the exhaust temperature exceeds 97F (assuming the room is under 85F), then you may have inadequate air flow across the PC.

A well-vented PC will have an exhaust air temperature that is 4 to 6F higher than the room’s temperature.

thanks…yeah i just loaded and was trying out MBM

i’ll check the exhaust temp


If the temp was indeed 170F your processor would have either fried or slowed down so much that you probably couldn’t use your computer-


76C - that would be too hot even if it was the chipset, though with the typical poorly pasted Northbridge heatsink, it might be chipset.

Does the BIOS hava hardware monitor you can crossreferebce with, or a spplied program - is could be the wrong sensor type, or a wrong calibration - it takes a while to run down the right settings in MBM.

There should be nothing in the computer that is at 170F or 76C unless the GPU is running the latest game full speed. MBM doesn’t give a whole lot of direction in it’s setup, and that would be where I would look first.

Just use this: (its more reliable)

I had similar experience with another prog (I forget the name). It told me that my whole system was running @ 199F+! Were as Everest told me this:

Shows how wrong some progs can be.

These programs need very accurate info on how to get and interpret the data from the individual and specific sensor, they might easily report X2 or 1/2 or other factors of the real world …
IIRC, Not getting this info from manufactureres is why the author of MBM quit his project.