HELP! TDK 40x12x48X is dying!

Ok guys, any advice would be great, as i am without a burner right now.

I have a TDK 40x10x48X (not B model), that has done afew things. It refuses to read burned disks, and refuses to even see any blank media. I have the latest version of Nero, though i have tried more than one version. I have also tried more than one type of media, both confirmed good in othe drives. Also, when it reads the disk, it sits with the read light on for quite a while, then stops.

If you need any other info, please just ask… I hope i can get this working again. Thanks!

Maybe the laser lens has got dirty :confused:

But only open the cd-writer to clean the lens if there isn’t
warranty on your cd-writer anymore!!

If it’s still under warranty I would send it for replacement
as it’s very likely a hardware defect :frowning:


I fixed my problem that’s exactly like yours 'cept it was a Yamaha by changing the modes, from UDMA to PIO and it works like a charm.