Help, Taiyo Yuden CD-R Identification

About two months ago I decided to buy a CD printer. I came to this forum to do research and found a lot of great information. I bought an Epson R340 and have been very happy. I decided to try the Taiyo Yuden WaterShield CD-R Glossy, 52X, hub printable. I bought a ten pack from an Ebay merchant.

The results were great so I decided to a buy a 30 pack cake from

Here’s the problem: the ten pack I bought from Ebay had one continuous surface, without a dividing line of any kind between the outer surface and the inner hub. The code on these CD-Rs is: 80 PG 7422

The 30 pack cake CD-Rs that arrived from today do not have one continuous surface. Instead these is a very thin dividing line between the outer surface and the inner hub. The code on these CD-Rs is: 80 PG 7494. Yet, they are advertised as “hub printable”.

What gives? I thought the term “hub printable” meant that there was one continuous surface without a dividing line between the outer surface and the inner hub.

Questions: does anyone know where I can purchase a 30 pack cake of Taiyo Yuden WaterShield CD-R Glossy with one continuos printable surface? What happens if I print on these rima CD-Rs and set the inner diameter setting to print on the hub (inner diameter 23 mm)? Will the dividing line, which will also be printed on, smear? Will it ever dry?

And finally, after reading many of the threads about fake Taiyo Yudens (most of which dealt with DVDs) are these CD-Rs the real thing?


Here’s some information from the site that I should have added: they were advertised as “hub printable with no stacking ring”. What does “no stacking ring” mean? That they don’t have a single continuous surface?

Also, the number is: Taiyo Yuden No : CDR80WPPSB-WS

No stacking ring means that they do not have a stacking/distance ring at the bottom. :slight_smile:

80 PG7494 is a real TY code.

As for the other things, I don’t know.

Odds are good that the discs you got from Ebay were not the real thing. Stick with Rima. Suggest you compare the ATIP info from the 2 types.

Well, the codes are at least genuine. Do the TY CD-R have the frosted hub?


Thanks for the info on the term “stacking rings” and whether the codes were genuine. The hubs are not frosted, they are glossy, just like the outer surface. The nominal description of both was the same: Taiyo Yuden WaterShield CD-R 80-Glossy, 52X, hub printable. Just different codes and the fact that one had continuous surface and the other had a thin dividing ring between the outer surface and the hub. Maybe real Taiyos have this thin ring and the Ebay discs, which were continuous, were fakes.



I don’t have any way to access the ATIP information. It would be interesting to give it a try if there was a Mac OS X shareware program. I only saw Windows ATIP reader software during a quick Google search.


Ah Mac. Your burning programs may have a disc info function.

In any case, you can be assured that the media from Rima is the real deal.